Harare City Council Expect To Draw ‘Clean’ Water From Darwendale Dam In 10 Days’ Time

Harare City Council expects to provide better quality water to residents after a lift that enables engineers to get to turbines that draw water from Darwendale Dam was fixed. Darwendale dam is about 15km away from Morton Jaffray waterworks.

This was revealed by the acting director of Harare Water Mabhena Moyo. Said Moyo:

The lift was fixed and is now working. All that we are awaiting is for it to be inspected and approved for use by National Social Security Authority inspectors so that we can start working. Maybe in the next 10 days we will be drawing water from Darwendale.

… If we have too much algae, the filters clog and the clarifiers quickly fill up with dirt. To alleviate that problem we need to use clean and treated water. When that water comes a lot of it will be lost to backwashing as we try to clean the filters and pipes once the process starts but that is to ensure that we pump out quality water to residents.

Harare residents have been getting water of poor quality, inconsistently for the past several years owing to pollution in Lake Chivero, the main supply dam.


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Harare City Council

The Harare City Council is an administrative body tasked with providing services for residence of Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe. Among other duties, the council is responsible for providing clean drinking water, housing and accomodation, refuse collection facilities and health services. Read More About Harare City Council

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