Civil Servants Request $1 700 Minimum Wage, Threaten Full-blown Strike

Civil servants’ representatives held an inconclusive meeting with government officials on Monday in a bid to find common ground between the two as the former are threatening to down tools.

Apex Council secretary David Dzatsunga they are seriously considering a full-blown strike unless the government concedes to their demands.

Dzatsunga said that it is not their concern that the government has said it is unable to meet their demands. He insisted that the government was obligated to find resources to meet their demands. Said Dzatsunga:

We have no option, but to embark on a full-scale strike in the event that the talks that we have been asked to sit in this week fail to yield the desired results.

The Apex Council has demanded that the government pays $1 700 and $3 000 to the lowest and highest paid worker respectively.


Govt To Meet Civil Servants To Discuss Cost Of Living Adjustment Offer

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