Teachers Will Report For Duty Only Twice A Week – PTUZ Secretary- general

The Secretary-General of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) Raymond Majongwe said that teachers will only be able to report for duty two days per week due to poor remuneration and the high cost of living.

While addressing the media after meeting with July Moyo, the Acting Minister for Public Sevice and Social Welfare, Majongwer said that teachers would rather allocate most of their time to doing menial jobs in order to ekk out a living. Said Majongwe:

Cdes the meeting has just ended nothing concrete has come out. The government has not offered anything. The Meeting had three Cabinet Ministers three Perm Secs RBZ Governor and leadership of 18 government staff associations/Unions.

The Union Leadership unequivocally stated to government plenipotentiaries that workers are incapacitated to return for duty. Several other issues were also raised and discussed. As usual, the government want the matter taken to NJNC.

… We resolved that teachers are incapacitated to turn up duty and they will be attending work for two days per week the other three days they will be working somewhere.


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Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe

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