Parents, Pupils Downbeat As New Term Starts Amidst An Economic Recession

Parents and pupils were downbeat on Monday as they made final preparations for the first school term. Prices of goods, such as exercise books, school uniforms and foodstuffs have skyrocketed.

Schools have also hiked fees. As result, there was more of a sombre mood at the usual pickup points with fewer buses than normal waiting to pick up the school children as the other buses could not get fuel.

A parent who spoke to the Mail and telegraph, identified as Rosewiter Mashingaidze said:

The current economic situation is not motivating for us parents. We are trying in every way we know how to so as to ensure basic and standard education for our children but the government is not making it any easier for us.

The education system in our locations are good but the environment promotes drug abuse and taking children to boarding school had been an alternative to try and shield them from that life but now it is very expensive and almost impossible to stay afloat.

Prices of groceries have gone high making it close to impossible to get all the basic groceries for my daughter to see her through the term until I go for visiting. As a parent, I have sacrificed to get all the basics but I have been left grounded at home where I also have younger children going to Primary School to see to.

Two pupils who also spoke to the Mail and Telegraph who are twins, Chido and Chiedza Chawira said:

Things are really hard for our parents. They failed to buy all the groceries they usually buy for us and we understand because things are really expensive. We each wanted new uniforms but they are now too expensive so we have to make do with what we have.

We barely enjoyed the holiday and we are already bracing ourselves for an even harder school term. We could not get enough pocket money to cushion us through the month and all we have are 10 cent coins because that is what they could get at the bank.


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