Mangoma, ZESA Bosses Released On $1 000 Bail Each

Former Minister of Energy and Power Development Elton Mangoma, Zesa CEO Joshua Chifamba and Managing Director of Zesa Enterprises Mr Tererai Mutasa, have appeared in court facing fresh charges of criminal abuse of office.

The three are accused of acting in a manner that resulted in Zesa Enterprises suffering an actual prejudice of $850 000. Harare magistrate Ms Ruramai Chitumbura, who released them on $1 000 bail each with the prosecution’s consent.

The trio will be back in court on January 29 for their routine remand.

As part of their bail conditions, the three were ordered to surrender their passports, report once a week to police and to continue to reside at their given addresses until the matter is finalised.

Mangoma was appointed Minister by the MDC during the government of national unity between 2009 and 2013.


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One Comment on “Mangoma, ZESA Bosses Released On $1 000 Bail Each

  1. Someone stole $850 000 and is made to pay $1 000 for bail. I think bail fee should be increased according to the degree of the crime committed.

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