Zimbabwe Needs A Benevolent Dictator To Make It Functional Again – Daily News Columnist

A Daily News columnist seemingly yearns for a benevolent autocratic leader to emerge, who can save the country from its myriad of problems.

The writer opines that at independence, the country’s economy was functional, but destroyed through neopatrimonialism, and practices whose very criminal nature is patent, and predation, notwithstanding colonial inequalities.

Some of the African countries that reportedly took off economically under a benevolent dictator are as follows:

1. Ethiopia under Meles Zenawi.

2. Ghana under Nana Akufo-Addo.

3. Rwanda under Paul Kagame.

5. Tanzania under John Pombe Magufuli.

6. Botswana under successive leaders.

7. Burkina Faso under Thomas Sankara.

8. Mozambique under Armando Guebuza

Zimbabwe sadly does not have such kind of a leader currently as the incumbent is considered to be spineless.

What Zimbabwe needs right now is, according to the analyst:

… a strong transitional benevolent autocratic leader who can challenge the establishment and trump-drain the swamp.

A no-nonsense person who brooks no fear and who will do what is right for the nation even if it is against the present laws (that find Wicknell Chivayo entitled to reinstitution of the ZPC contract and to collect a further $25 million dollars of public funds).

A leader of steel that will destroy resistance from the party and establishment remnants of the second generation of corrupt, accumulative successors to the first generation independence squanderers.

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Wicknell Chivayo

Wicknell Chivayo a.k.a Sir Wicknell is a business person in Zimbabwe known mostly for making posts on social media about his riches. His source of wealth is not known but he has been reported to be linked to corrupt business activities and having close ties... Read More About Wicknell Chivayo

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One Comment on “Zimbabwe Needs A Benevolent Dictator To Make It Functional Again – Daily News Columnist

  1. Zimbabweans haven’t experienced living under a different party from zanupf. Maybe thats all what is needed for Zimbabwe to pick up. Honestly if a different party takes over, things will change. Unfortunately some people think, they own Zimbabwe. A very sad story.

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