Top Zimra Managers Named In $3 Million Cooking Oil And Chicken Smuggling Racket

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) 10 top managers have been named in an alleged $3 million cooking oil and chicken smuggling scheme, which was reportedly swept under the carpet.

Documents seen by The Sunday Mail show that the scam, through which restricted goods were allegedly imported without Government’s authorisation, was unearthed at Beitbridge Border Post between 2011 and 2014. Former Commissioner General Mr Gershem Pasi, who is also facing separate charges of criminal abuse of office before the courts, revealed the scam in a June 20 2014 letter addressed to Zimra’s Commissioner (Customs and Excise) Mr Happius Kuzvinzwa.

Alleagtions are that the accused staffers would import cooking oil and chicken consignments without import permits from either the Ministry of Agriculture or the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The two ministries confirmed the same to the investigators. No F45s were raised on entries that did not have permits or licences, yet it is mandatory to issue a F45 where there are missing required documents or any anomalies noted. Recommendations were made for the managers to appear before a disciplinary hearing and recovery of any lost revenue. Contacted for comment last week, Zimra Commissioner (Customs and Excise) Mr Happius Kuzvinzwa said disciplinary action had been taken against the 10 managers whom he claimed were fired. However, after being pressed to explain why they were still in office, he said the issue was dealt with and finalised.

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    The rot starts from the top. Those top and known government officials need to be nabbed, otherwise kupedzera nguva kumatemba big fish dziripo hazvibatsire.

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