Govt Dismisses 1 600 Teaching And Non-Teaching Staff Members

Government last year terminated contracts for more than 1 600 teaching and non-teaching staff members under the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

Some were dismissed for not having requisite qualifications while some were dismissed for improper relationships with pupils. From the 1 645, 128 qualified teachers were dismissed, mainly male teachers for cases related to improper conduct with minors from 241 disciplinary cases handled in 2018. According to a report detailing last year’s targets and this year’s projects and targets, in possession of Sunday News, Government terminated employment for 135 support staff members who did not have requisite qualifications.

The report also notes Government recruited an additional 1 300 teachers to fill vacant teaching posts across Zimbabwe. The ministry also reported that 342 were promoted to be heads at primary schools, 173 at secondary schools while 996 were promoted to be deputy heads at primary schools and 74 at secondary schools. This year, the ministry intends to recruit an additional 6 400 teachers to reach the approved 127 091. It also intends to promote 1 500 teachers to heads and deputies. Already, the process to recruit 3 000 teachers has started.

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Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is a government organ which administers the country's Primary and Secondary education sector in Zimbabwe. It has various organs administered by different personnel and this includes the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council. The ministry is overseen by Cabinet of... Read More About Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education


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