Many Of Our Leaders Are Like Baboons, They Grab A Cob And Won’t Let Go – Eddie Cross

Former MDC Official, and economic commentator, Eddie Cross has lambasted what he calls a lousy and corrupt government.

In an article published on, Cross said that the major problem facing the country is an inept leadership and failure to deal with corrupt senior government officials. Below are excerpts from the opinion piece:

We seem to have been putting up with lousy Government, corruption, nonsensical monetary and macroeconomic policies forever. First, we had the Rhodesian Government from 1960 onwards which resulted in the imposition of mandatory UN sanctions and then the liberation war. Were these inevitable? I do not think so but with the national leadership we had at that time, both were unavoidable.

… If you put a mealie cob in a can with a hole the size of a hand in one end and put it where the baboons can find it, a baboon will put his hand in the hole to grasp the cob – and will not let go to get his hand out even when threatened. Many of our leaders are just like that baboon – they have their hands in the till and cannot let go even if they are threatened.

There can be no progress in this country until our leadership starts to put our national house in order and compels all those Ministers and Officials or even just politically connected individuals, to take their hands out of the till and allow us to repair the damage that they have done to us a Nation over the past seven decades.



Eddie Cross

Edward Graham Cross (born 1940) is a prominent Zimbabwean economist and politician. He is the current member of parliament for Bulawayo South. He is also a founding member of the Morgan Tsvangirai led Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T). Read More About Eddie Cross

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