Govt Plans To Use Force To Crush Any Demonstration As Economy Sinks – Report Claims

A Newsday report suggests that the government is planning a clampdown on the opposition and civil society as that economy continues to tank.

There have been calls in the past few months by opposition parties as well as by teachers’ unions to embark on mass protests against the deteriorating economic situation and rising living costs.

The well-placed government sources who spoke to Newsday said that:

The security agents are on high alert. There is fear that the proposed protests by teachers, ZCTU and the opposition may force things off hand, especially coming at a time when schools open and parents cannot afford to pay the hiked fees and uniforms.

There was a meeting this week by the Joint Operations Command, and one of the major issues was to call on President Mnangagwa to address the deteriorating economic situation in the country to avoid a security crisis. The demonstrations will be met with force from the government.

More: Newsday

Joint Operations Command

The Joint Operations Command (JOC) is a body comprising of senior officials from the Zimbabwe National Army, Air Force of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Republic Police, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services and Central Intelligence Organisation which is responsible for the coordination of state security in Zimbabwe. The... Read More About Joint Operations Command

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