Govt To Issue Statement On The ‘Illegal’ Three-tier Pricing System

The government is dismayed by the adoption of the three-tier pricing system by several businesses in recent weeks.

Chicken Inn adopted the practice a few weeks ago and Delta Beverages has followed suit. On Wednesday Delta Beverages announced that starting this Friday, it will be selling its products in US dollars.

The three-tier pricing system is when businesses charge different prices for the same product or service depending on the mode of payment the customer is using. Goods are thus priced differently in US dollars, bond and electronic transfer.

This practice is illegal. The government through the Ministry of Information and Publicity said:

Regarding the unlawful persistent use of a three-tier pricing system by some businesses, the Minister of Trade & Commerce who is also the Acting Minister of Information, Publicity & Broadcasting Services Hon Nqobizitha Mangaliso Ndlovu will issue a statement.

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Mangaliso Ndlovu

Mangaliso Ndlovu is the Minister of Industry. Read More About Mangaliso Ndlovu

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