Energy Minister Contradicts Himself On Selling Fuel In Foreign Currency

Energy and Power Development Minister Joram Gumbo has issued contradictory statements regarding the sell of fuel in foreign currency.

In an interview in December last year, Gumbo told The Chronicle that it is not Government policy for some dealers to sell fuel in foreign currency. Speaking by telephone from Harare last Friday, Gumbo said:

It’s not Government policy that fuel dealers should sell their fuel in foreign currency. So far there hasn’t been any pronouncement by the Government that there is now a change of that policy. At the moment, some are selling fuel in forex but at what rate?

However in his latest interview with The Chronicle, Gumbo said only the Reserve Bank and Ministry of Finance were able to comment and act on the matter. Said Gumbo:

The RBZ controls money and they are best to comment on fuel being sold in US dollars. We are only responsible for the pricing of fuel. We can peg prices of fuel, but cannot say whether it’s sold in forex or bond.


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