Mthuli Ncube Approves Recruitment Of 3 000 Teachers

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mthuli Ncube has revealed that Treasury has given the green light for the recruitment of 3 000 teachers in January 2019.

The government froze the recruitment of teachers over the past few years due to limited financial resources.

Ncube’s statement comes after the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education announced that it shall be recruiting 3 000 educators in all the country’s provinces. Said Minister Ncube

Treasury has authorized the recruitment of 3000 additional teachers in Zimbabwe in order to ease teacher shortage. Treasury has also authorized recruitment of about 350 university teaching staff and personnel to bolster university capacity. Key to improving service delivery.


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Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is a government organ which administers the country's Primary and Secondary education sector in Zimbabwe. It has various organs administered by different personnel and this includes the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council. The ministry is overseen by Cabinet of... Read More About Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education


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