Private Schools Increase Fees, Demand Forex

Some private schools have hiked fees citing increases in running costs, while others are demanding US dollars for levies.

In a circular to parents, Wise Owl Learning Centre said it had been forced to increase fees due to the prevailing economic situation. Parents whose children are boarders and in secondary will now pay $3 200, while textbook and science levies have been set at $120 and $50 respectively, but to be paid in cash. For boarders doing Advanced Level, fees will now be $3 500 while textbook and science levies are US$150 and US$50 in cash.

A parent whose children attend Heritage Primary School said the fees were unchanged at $2 100, although the institution was now demanding US$150 to “balance their books” and US$25 for ICTs. Masaisai Primary School has increased its fees from $700 to $950, while Brynston Primary School has given parents an option to pay in either Bond notes or US dollars. Those paying in US dollars will pay $265. Another parent whose children attend Westridge Primary School said the fees were unchanged at $1 500. He said they were consulting the Government to raise the fees because of rising costs. Riverton Academy in Masvingo was forced to drop its demand for fees in foreign currency earlier this month following an outcry from parents. The school had sent out a circular with a fee structure ranging from US$300 to US$2 000 depending on class level.


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One Comment on “Private Schools Increase Fees, Demand Forex

  1. Goldridge College Kwekwe are demanding usd 1000 cash per child in addition to $1800 RTGS.
    Coming to $5300 RTGS equivalent.
    Before the increases fees were pegged $2800 RTGS per child.
    This is an increase of 89.3%

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