Businesses Sign MOU With Botswana Investors To Supply Fuel In Bulawayo

Bulawayo business people signed a Memorandum of Understanding with private investors from Botswana to supply fuel into the city and setting up investments in different economic sectors in the province.

The deal was facilitated by the office of the Minister of State for Bulawayo Provincial Affairs, Judith Ncube, through the Bulawayo industry think-tank. In an interview after the signing of the MoU at Minister Ncube’s offices housed at Mhlahlandlela Government Complex on Friday, chairperson of the Bulawayo advisory board and think-tank Mr Kwanele Hlabangana said:

We are ready and very excited. The investors have not only proposed to invest in the fuel sector but are also going to do manufacturing, diamond and pharmaceuticals. We have come up with good fuel prices but I cannot tell you the figures now. All what I can say now is that we are going to offer the public very good prices and also make sure that each and every filling station in the city has access to this fuel. In terms of supply, they have promised us that they will be able to supply on a daily basis. We are expecting more than two million litres per day of both diesel and petrol that will be coming through South Africa

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Industry and Commerce Deputy Minister Raj Modi also attended the signing ceremony. The business delegation was led by Mr Kelebogile Shomanah, the managing director of Hangana, a diversified Botswana-headquartered concern with interest in petroleum, mining and manufacturing, among others.

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One Comment on “Businesses Sign MOU With Botswana Investors To Supply Fuel In Bulawayo

  1. A lot of bad things are hapenning at fuel stations and government is just quaet about it .what type of governance is this sis
    ((1) Some fuel stations insist on foreign currency only and they areover charging $1.10 USA is equivalent to $3,30 per litre
    (2) There is selective selling of fuel in the name of account holders
    (3) Some garages do not control ques at all and there is so much chaos that people with order end up not getting fuel
    (4) Why not give fuel stations a directive that ensures order and discipline
    The list is endless

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