Govt Set To Introduce Fuel Rationing As Consumption Rise To Unsustainable Levels

The government is mulling plans to introduce fuel rationing as a measure to curb excessive consumption. The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) revealed that around January this year, two million litres of diesel were being consumed and that in October, the daily consumption for diesel had surged to about 4 million litres, a 100 per cent increase.

The level of fuel consumption is considered unsustainable as the country grapples with an acute shortage of foreign currency to import the precious liquid.

ZERA acting chief executive Eddington Mazambani told that Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Energy and Power Development that

We might have to consider as a country that we do not have the product (fuel) so maybe let us ration the product. It is not a desirable solution, but with the situation, we have at the moment to try and have demand-side management we might actually have to do a paper to recommend rationing unless the situation improves.

At the beginning of the year, we were averaging on a daily basis about two million litres (diesel) per day which now has moved to above four million litres per day as of October. For petrol, we started in January at 1,6 million litres per day. It has since moved to about three million litres a day. So, there is definitely an increase in the consumption of fuel probably occasioned by the vehicular traffic on the roads.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya assured the nation that there would be enough fuel during the festive season and beyond when he appeared before that same committee.

We have put in place a number of fuel financial facilities to ensure that Zimbabwe’s supply of fuel is sustainable and stable. We have put in place long-term financial facilities which we have put in place for the major oil companies to use, the suppliers to use so that they can supply fuel in Zimbabwe.


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  1. Fuel stations should only serve vehicles that are registered and licensed. Most vehicles in the queue are illegally on the road, and are more than likely being used to obtain fuel to sell on the black market.

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