Zanu-PF Donates Conference “Leftovers” To Hospitals

Zanu-PF donated groceries left over from the National People’s Conference held at Mzingwane High School to hospitals in Matabeleland South province.

Speaking at the handover of the groceries to Gwanda Provincial Hospital yesterday, Matabeleland South Provincial Affairs Minister, Abednico Ncube said the groceries will be distributed to all hospitals in the province’s seven districts as well as Gwanda Old People’s Home. Said Ncube:

I have been sent by Zanu-PF party to donate this food to Gwanda Provincial Hospital. As you all know the party held its annual National People’s Conference here and these groceries were left after the conference. We sat down as a province and decided to donate the groceries to health institutions in all our seven districts and as such all our hospitals are going to benefit.

Gwanda Provincial Hospital received mealie meal, cooking oil, sugar and rice and other hospitals are going to receive a similar assortment of foodstuffs.

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Gwanda Provincial HospitalAbednico NcubeMatabeleland South Province

Gwanda Provincial Hospital is a health facility in the Matabeleland South Province. Read More About Gwanda Provincial Hospital

Abednico Ncube is a Zimbabwean politician and a member of the ZANU-PF. He is also the former Minister of State for Provincial Affairs in Matebeleland South Province. He contested in the July 2018 elections and was elected Member of Parliament for Gwanda South. Read More About Abednico Ncube

Matabeleland South Province covers the southeastern plateau of Zimbabwe and it stretches to the Botswana border on the east and borders South Africa on the South. It is one of Zimbabwe's ten provinces and its administrative city if Lupane. Read More About Matabeleland South Province

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