Chamisa Is The Problem, His Biggest Mistake Is Ego – Herald Editor

In an editorial article, state-owned publication, The Herald says that Chamisa has a big ego which has proved his undoing. It further makes the claim that Chamisa is selfish and does not have the interest of the country at heart, its all about him.

Since taking over power from MDC founding president Morgan Tsvangirai, Chamisa has distinguished himself as a problem that enjoys selfishly abusing the democratic space at the expense of the general populace and the development of the country.

For President Mnangagwa to dialogue with Chamisa at the moment would be stooping to a record low. A whole State President entering talks with a small fly that does not recognise him, when the international community and its leaders do recognise him? No, Nelson, no!

Over the months Chamisa has proved to be a big part of the problem himself that, in fact, needs a solution. Naturally, a problem does not provide a solution to itself. It remains a problem.

Chamisa has largely become an epitome of poor politicking, emotional instability and brazen dislike for order and a propensity to abuse the existing democratic space.

… his biggest mistake is ego. For example, there was no need for him to go to the Constitutional Court after the elections claiming to have “overwhelming” evidence of rigging yet he totally had nothing. The Government exposed him badly by screening live the hearing for all and sundry to see. It exposed him as that politician who just wants to cause problems even where it is not necessary. He simply abused the democratic space and wasted everyone’s time. In normal and mature democracies Chamisa would have apologised to the nation for time wasting. But he did not.

If Chamisa wants to be taken seriously in the matrix of governance he should change his attitude, his language, his politicking and get real. What he has been doing since the elections does not make him a serious contender even for talks with the President.

No President will stoop that low to talk to a mean person who does not seem to understand that opposition politics is not hate politics. That opposition politics should be national in its interest and value system and indeed in it is everything.

Nelson Chamisa is a failure practising archaic politics, the sort of politics that is informed by extreme arrogance bereft of tactic and vision. The country has moved on and he has been left behind.


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Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa is a Zimbabwean politician and current president of the Movement for Democratic Change. He was elected presdient at the party's congress on 25 May 2019. Chamisa is the former member of parliament for Kuwadzana , former Minister of Information and Technology , former... Read More About Nelson Chamisa


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11 comments on “Chamisa Is The Problem, His Biggest Mistake Is Ego – Herald Editor

  1. Arrogance will spoil his leadership how can you lead if you can’t follow no no we want change all you have done is cause chaos

  2. Why should Chamisa apologise when Zimbabwe in general does not know the meaning of apologising? Dating back to 80s up to now nobody has apologised. Do you know what Mugabe says when apologising, so does ED? Why should it with Chamisa? It’s a culture natured in the country not to apologise

  3. Change and chaos very different-!And another thing is that when he took over from whoever it made him worse he wanted to be known by the whole too quickly l feel that’s where the arrogance came from then he realised hes gonna loose from a weakest (in his eyes maybe)

  4. Thats rubbish Herald.You are not the right people to do moral judgement on Chamisa.Please comment on what is happening in Zanu Pf.Tell us about Ed’s ego.Why is it that there is no single article in the Herald that talks good about Chamisa.You only started to talk good about Tsvangira when he was dead.You are always negative on people who dont tread your line.

  5. Live his ego to MDC face ypur own chaos. We want jobs money food pnvthe tsble. Busy with increasing the age cause ypu are agraid of Chamisa. Hes only a problem to you. Please stop the nonsrnce. We want balue for oyr money not this nonsense!

  6. I don’t get how anyone in his or her frame of mind would back the ruling party in zimbabwe. I don’t understand how these people who are supposed to be on retirement since they fall in the economically unproductive age would still want to be in power.

  7. All you people supporting chamisa are shortsighted and can not see beyond the nose. The guy called Chamisa is exactly what the herald editor has described him as. Self centered egoistic chap

  8. Fine leave him like that. You want him follow your line, that will never happen. Mr Herald editor, there is never anything good to read from your paper except cheap propaganda which is the only reason that has killed this country. If you could stop this politics of patronage i think this country will start to move. Sorry for you to say such silly things. Chamisa has never been left behind by this country, but it’s you Zanu people who have been left behind by the whole world. To be Precise you are 38 years behind the whole world. Mr so called editor, you really know the truth but you are juss dancing to the tune of your pay master otherwise the truth of the matter you know about it. Like or not without Chamisa nothing will move in this country. Everyone is fully behind him, he is representing the will of the people. Do you know the reason why ED has refused accept propaganda songs full of praise, it’s because he knows people like you who have started again writing silly things are only doing it for the sake of lining their pockets through presidential recognition. You are the same people who have been writing fantasy things about Mugabe, and 24 hours later you started criticizing him for ruining this country. This type of apocalyptic reporting is barbaric and silly. Write facts not Ngano.

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