Bulawayo School Children Eating Food Mixed With Drugs- Minister

Bulawayo Provincial Affairs Minister Judith Ncube  said drug dealers in the city are allegedly lacing food with drugs for sell to school children during break time.

It is alleged that drug dealers sell cakes, freezits, scones and maputi mixed with drugs at various schools in the city. Ncube said the revelations were made during a recent stakeholder meeting comprising parents, pupils and law enforcement agents at Mpopoma High School. She could not reveal more details saying it would jeopardise investigations.

Speaking at the launch of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission Bulawayo offices last week, Ncube said some pupils disclosed that they smuggle mbanje in their neck ties and smoke during breaktime. Said Ncube:

Omunye umntwana uthi angabhema kasaboni titsha usebona itsiyane (Another pupil said after smoking, a teacher will be looking like a chick). He then tells the teacher to go away, kicking him as he would be seeing him as a chick. What then happens is that the teacher will take a position to just watch that child and ignore him. You, as the parents continue paying school fees for this child who is no longer learning, who is no longer being assisted because when the teacher comes to assist them, they don’t see a teacher but they see a chick.

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