Uproar As Wicknell Chivayo’s Company Wins $25 Million ZESA Lawsuit

There has been a huge uproar from various quarters following a High Court ruling that cleared controversial businessman, Wicknell Chivhayo of any wrongdoing in the Zimbabwe Power Company tender saga.

Even President Mnangagwa expressed consternation over the controversial businessman’s acquittal. While addressing the ZANU PF Annual People’s Conference in Esigodini today, Mnangagwa said that he did not understand how the judiciary operates.

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa described the judiciary system as shaky accusing it of failing to deal with corruption cases involving big fishes.

Corruption lives another day….What’s wrong with this country? Is the judicial system captured too? How will we deal with corruption now? I’m one who had faith in the judiciary now the 3 pillars are looking shaky… it’s very difficult.

Chivayo’s court victory leaves ZPC with the onus of paying him $25 million for breach of contract or to allow his company to proceed with the Gwanda solar project.

ZPC and Intratrek had signed $172 million agreement for the construction of the Gwanda solar project which Chivhayo failed to deliver.

Human rights lawyer and former education minister David Coltart described Mnangagwa’s administration’s failure to prosecute corruption cases as damaging to the country. Said Coltart

If this catch and release strategy of the Mnangagwa regime was not so damaging to #Zimbabwe this would be funny. The gulf between the rhetoric of “zero tolerance of corruption” and real action is widening. Mnangagwa and the ruining party’s smoke and mirrors game are now clear to all.


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Temba Mliswa

Temba Mliswa is an outspoken Zimbabwean politician and the current Member of Parliament for Norton Constituency having won the by-election on 22 October 2016 as an independent candidate. He is the former current Parliamentary Portfolio Chairman on Mines and Energy. He is a former member... Read More About Temba Mliswa


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2 comments on “Uproar As Wicknell Chivayo’s Company Wins $25 Million ZESA Lawsuit

  1. What is the national budget of the nation, its province or its ministry for this year only or for the first quarter of 2019? It means an equivalent must be paid to Chivayo while we all as a nation struggle to fathom where exactly this bleeding nation has wronged this man as to pay him somuch, even as he is filthy rich already to donate as much for the poor across our 10 provinces…. Can the Zimbabwe economy afford this commitment…..is this a layman’s judgement because it by its very nature smells a big rat and some sloppiness in some circles of the Zimbabwe judicial system…..when then will the schools, hospitals and industries at growth points in rural and urban communities develop to world levels if our ailing economy has to honor this claim thrown from around the corner? …..just wait they will come in hordes shamelessly claiming from an already ailing government……anywhere before paying this man ….. is it not more rational that each Zimbabwean has to be paid / compensated for an economy that was driven into the ground against the covenant of mandate with the stewards since 1980?

  2. Just imagine…is it not us the nation owed this much by Chivayo and his company and his partners……overzealousness in the judiciary and business circles, investigate this well….the fact that the project is not yet materialized inspite deadlines having been forgotten already with our countryman in Gwanda more impoverished and left typically in the cold………how much has the nation lost [especially Gwanda industrial sectors and sub sectors and business with local and international partners…..what about the nation what are its loses] from this incomplete project……can the real mathematics be more judiciously done to see exactly what the state has lost and be compensated expeditiously……I have all reason to see the state making claims instead unless the country has lost its radar connectivities.

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