Bulawayo Provincial Affairs Minister Bemoans Drug Abuse In Schools

Minister of Provincial Affairs for Bulawayo Judith Ncube bemoaned the rampant abuse of drugs in schools. She blamed adults for spiking foodstuffs sold to pupils with drugs. Consumption of the illicit drugs will then interfere with the learning process of pupils, she said.

Minister Ncube called on parents to be always on the lookout so that their children will not engage in drug abuse.

While giving her address at the official opening of the Zimbabwe Anti-corruption Commission’s office at Mhlahlandlela in Bulawayo on Monday, Ncube had this to say

I was saddened by what I was told that some schoolchildren put drugs inside their ties and come break time, they smoke and when they go back to the classroom while being taught, they won’t be seeing a teacher, but a chick.

They will be now having difficult times trying to fight the chick which they are seeing in front of them. The teacher then takes a position to just watch the child and you as parents continue paying fees for this child who sees the teacher as a chick.

Most of you sell food and freezits to children and I am told that those who sell these food-stuffs spice them with drugs. You put in the drugs.


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