“Madzibaba” Mutumwa Blames Satanists For Spate of Deadly Accidents Experienced In The Country .

A local clergyman going by the name Madzibaba Mutumwa will soon embark on a whirlwind tour of the country’s cities as he prays against what he calls the spirit of accidents ravaging the country.

The country has experienced deadly accidents in the past few months involving public transport, especially buses. There are concerns that accidents usually spike during the approaching festive season.

In an interview with the Sunday News, Madzibaba Mutumwa had this to say

Satanists are in full force causing accidents as they want blood for their satanism purposes. As a church, we have started the tour of cities, the first being Bulawayo where we had a prayer at our Mganwini shrine. We are yet to release dates when we will be in Harare, before moving to Masvingo, Zvishavane and Mutare among others. I strongly believe that by the time we finish God would have intervened.

May I take this opportunity to invite transport operators to attend these tours so that they will be prayed for, therefore be protected by the blood of Jesus. Members of the public have to attend as well.


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2 comments on ““Madzibaba” Mutumwa Blames Satanists For Spate of Deadly Accidents Experienced In The Country .

  1. If we could implement the following measures there would be greater sanity on the highways. Pray and pray until God’s ears burst, but there is no substitute for being scientific and logical in how we do our things.
    1. After a fatal accident, a bus company’s fleet must be grounded. A rigorous investigation follows. Weaknesses revealed by the investigation are dealt with. When remedial action is taken, the bus company is allowed to resume.
    2. Allowing an unlicenced driver to carry passengers must result in jail for the offender and also those who permit the offence (whether or not there was an accident).
    3. The state must stay out of paying for funerals when there is a huge accident. The transporter is responsible for that. If the state pays, that must only be an advance to be recovered from the transporter. Transporters must have an insurance policy that specifically covers these disasters. If we act like that, insurers will be more careful about who they issue policies to. That will take out the bad transporters because they become a high insurance risk.
    4. There must be more automation of traffic offence detection, accummulation and collection of evidence, and charging and fining of offenders.

  2. Tofara: There is absolutely nothing to add to you outstanding comment. That’s all we need.
    It is us and transport operators that can that can make our roads safe.
    God has already blessed us with transport let us bless each other by respecting and taking care of every life.
    Drive safe keep to permitted speeds.

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