Air Zimbabwe Refutes “AirZim Planes Are Death Traps” Article, Says It’s False And Malicious

Air Zimbabwe has refuted allegations that have been made in a publication that its planes are ‘ a death trap’. Below is a full statement by Air Zimbabwe:

Air Zimbabwe notes with great concern a false and malicious article circulating online headlined “AirZim planes are death traps?” which seeks to not only tarnish the image, cause alarm and panic to passengers but also tarnishes the good repute of the medical professionals who were on the same flight and rendered medical assistance. Air Zimbabwe, therefore, wishes to give the correct account and facts as follows:

The flight in question was UM339 on 14 November 2018 and not last week as alleged by the reporter. The said flight was still on the ground when the passenger collapsed during boarding and as is standard procedure the passenger was attended to on the ground. This is contrary to the article which alleges that the plane was airborne and had to do an emergency landing. The passenger who required emergency medical attention was male and not a female passenger as the article further alleges. The passenger was attended to by a team of medical doctors and nurses who were on board the same flight and their assistance was heartily acknowledged.

The reporter, by reason of these false statements, while quoting and referencing an unnamed prominent medical doctor from Bulawayo, brings the reputation and good professional standing of the medical doctors who demonstrated their unparalleled skill, compassion and commitment. The doctors and nurses assisted in every way possible working together with our flight Captain and Cabin crew until the passenger was ferried to a medical hospital by an ambulance.
In accordance with standard aviation procedure all medical emergencies which occur on the ground onboard the aircraft, the Cabin Crew notifies the flight Captain while rendering first aid and the Captain in turn alerts the local airport authorities for further information

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