Mnangagwa Saying The Right Things But Not Delivering Real Tangible Reforms- US Senators

Republican U.S. Senator, Chris Coons of New Jersey, who too visited Zimbabwe during elections said President Mnangagwa is saying the right things but not producing real results.

Said Coons:

There is indeed a significantly more open society and economy than there was under (former President Robert) Mugabe, but it is significantly short of what a free, fair and open society looks like, where rule of law dominates, where elections and opposition, elections happen regularly, opposition is free to speak, where press is truly unhindered. If you read a transcript of our meeting with President Mnangagwa, if you read transcripts of his speeches, if you read the editorial he wrote in the New York Times, he’s saying all the right things. Our challenge is the doing

Outgoing Republican U.S. Senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake, who is behind the recent revisions to the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Amendment Act of 2018, which lays out conditions of reform for Zimbabwe to regain full U.S. support, acknowledged what he called promising signs, such as the proposed budgets presented by the Ministry of Finance, as well as the promised repeal of two pieces of legislation deemed a threat to press freedom and also citizen rights to gather freely. He however said Mnangagwa is saying the right things but reforms are slow to come. Said Flake:

President Mnangagwa has largely been saying the right things, but some of the reforms however, have been slow to come. Zimbabwe may be open for business as is the slogan now, but foreign direct investment has not flowed into the country as many are still weary of the investment climate there.

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