Gweru City Council To Install Prepaid Water Meters In Bid To Reduce Bill Defaulters

The City of Gweru is set to install 38 000 prepaid water meters in a bid to increase revenue collection. The move is also aimed at reducing the default rate on bills. Gweru has of late been struggling to supply its resident with adequate clean water on a consistent basis.

While presenting the 2019 budget, acting finance director for Gweru City, Owen Masimba, had this to say

The major highlights of the 2019 budget include, among other things, the rolling out of 38 000 smart water meters, upgrading and rehabilitation of water and sewer infrastructure, a major road rehabilitation exercise, introduction of ICT and computerisation of systems and the upgrading of Ascot Stadium.

Meanwhile, Gweru residents have vowed to resist the council’s move. They say such a move

would exclude many from accessing potable water, while exposing residents to waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid.



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Formerly Gwelo, Gweru is the capital of the Midlands Province and Zimbabwe's third largest city. It is the main import and export centre as well the most accessible industrial center that oversees markets through South Africa to the South and Mozambique to the east. Read More About Gweru

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