‘Fake Broiler’ Chicks Fraudsters Also Sold ‘Painted Layers’, Report Claims

New details have emerged on how ‘fake broilers’ fraudsters duped unsuspecting farmers in Bulawayo. It was reported earlier that farmers were sold ‘broiler’ chicks which were in reality home-bred ‘roadrunners’. They broilers reportedly looked and weighed less than 100 grammes after four-and-a-half weeks instead of 1,2kg. They ate more than full-grown chickens according to reports.

The fraudsters allegedly painted the chicks with red and black oxide under the guise that they were layers. A Bulawayo resident who spoke to B-Metro said

They take the fake chicks and paint them with red or black oxide, scamming innocent customers by making them believe they are roadrunner chicks or egg laying chicks, usually the Rhode Island Red which has a golden, brown colour.

Another resident who was allegedly conned by the fraudsters had this to say

I am also a victim of those fake painted chicks and I only realised it after a month when the paint started peeling off and the chicks had stunted growth.

Since then I was alert such that whenever I am going to buy the chicks I go to reputable dealers than those individuals who usually sell in the streets.


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