Biti Calls For Dialogue With Zanu-PF, Lists Points Of Discussion

In a wide ranging interview with the  Mail and Telegraph, MDC deputy national chairperson Tendai Biti called for dialogue between his party and ZANU-PF.

He also said the dialogue should focus on issues to do with legitimacy and economic reform. Said Biti:

Firstly let us agree on what we are going to discuss. Number one, we should discuss on the issue of legitimacy. We have also to discuss the issues to do with structural reform agenda specifically focusing on electoral reform, legal reform, constitutional reform specifically focusing on state capture and militarisation of the state. We have to discuss the economy especially on how do we deal with macroeconomic stability and fiscal consolidation. We also have to discuss how we deal with the issue of huge structural reforms that are required like public service reform.

Biti suggested that Zimbabwe has to adopt the Rand Monetary Union but warned Zanu-PF will bastardise the Rand the way they bastardised the Zimbabwean dollar and the US dollar.

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Tendai Laxton Biti is the president of the People's Democratic Party, a prominent lawyer, activist, politician and Member of Parliament for Harare East. Biti was part of the founding team of the Movement for Democratic Change in 1999 together with Morgan Tsvangirai, Gibson Sibanda, Welshman... Read More About Tendai Biti

Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) is a liberation war movement/party that has been ruling Zimbabwe since the country attained its independence in 1980. The party's main agenda was to liberate the country from the bondage of settler regime led by Ian... Read More About Zanu-PF

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  1. godfrey chikowore Reply

    Dialogue makes greater sense than continued claims as to who won and lost the contested 2018 Harmonized Elections

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