War Veterans Are Being Unreasonable, Greedy And Selfish; MDC-T Spokesperson

The Thokozani Khupe-led MDC-T has castigated the call made the War Veteran secretary general Victor Matemadanda that the Presidential age limit should be raised from 40 years to 52 years.

It is generally believed that all war veterans are now at least 52 years old. MDC-T spokesperson Linda Masarira said the war veterans are being unreasonable and motivated by greed and selfishness. In an interview with Newsday, she said

Youth constitute 64% of the population and have every right to participate in governance issues for their posterity. War vets went to the liberation struggle to fight for majority rule, land and freedom from the colonisers for all Zimbabweans and not themselves. As such, we implore them to stop being unreasonable, greedy and selfish. No one is more Zimbabwean than the other.

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Linda MasariraThokozani Khupe

Linda Masarira is a Zimbabwean politician and current president of a party she founded in April 2019, the Labour, Economists and African Democrats party (LEAD). Masarira is the former spokesperson for the MDC-T faction led by Thokozani Khupe a party from which she was fired... Read More About Linda Masarira

Thokozani Khupe is a Zimbabwean politician, cancer activist and the former Vice President of the Movement for Democratic Change. She challenged President Nelson Chamisa for the bid to succeed the late MDC-T founder Morgan Tsvangirai. Khupe reportedly said she will run for President in the... Read More About Thokozani Khupe


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  1. They are a bunch of fraudsters. A 52 year old would have been 11 years old in 1979 when the war ended and Zipra and Zanla forces went into the camps. There were no children there. How do they become veterans of that war?Zimbabwe’s history continues to be manipulated by greedy people.

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