‘Only’ 5 300 Delegates For 2019 ZANU PF Conference, Shortage Of Food, Accommodation Cited

ZANU PF has agreed that only 5 303 party member will attend the 17th Annual National People’s Conference to be held in Esigodini in Matabeleland South. In the past, the number of delegates used to be far much higher than the one set for this year.

ZANU PF party commissar, Engelbert Rugeje confirmed that the number of delegates had been trimmed. This has been necessitated by logistical challenges such as shortage of food and transport. Rugeje revealed this while speaking during the Masvingo provincial inter-district conference. He said

The Politburo has agreed on the number of delegates who will attend this year’s conference in Esigodini and the figure is 5 303. The figure will remain like that, but it excludes additional people like those responsible for security, health etc.

We are very sorry that the number has been reduced compared to previous years, but it is something that was agreed on by the Politburo and we took into account previous problems like shortage of accommodation, food, transport and other challenges.

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Engelbert RugejePolitburoMatabeleland

Engelbert Rugeje is a Zimbabwean politician who is a member of the Zanu-PF party.He is also the current Secretary for Commissariat for Zanu-PF after being appointed in December 2017.He is also the former chief of staff for the Zimbabwe National Army. Read More About Engelbert Rugeje

The Zanu-PF Politiburo is the party's highest decision making body outside Congress . Read More About Politburo

Matabeleland is a region which covers a considerable part of the south western plateau of Zimbabwe. The area is predominantly home to the Ndebele speaking Zimbabwean societies. Read More About Matabeleland

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One Comment on “‘Only’ 5 300 Delegates For 2019 ZANU PF Conference, Shortage Of Food, Accommodation Cited

  1. When cost cutting measures are implemented the media will say its logistical challenges and when not implemented the same media will still complain.

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