Govt, Doctors Talks To End Strike Deadlocked , Indaba To Be Reconvened Next Week

A meeting between the Minister of Health Obadiah Moyo and striking doctors failed to bear any fruit last night according to reports. The meeting was meant to deal with the ongoing doctors’ strike which started on December 1. Zimbabwe Hospitals Doctors’ Association (ZHDA), the organisation which represent about 1 000 doctors, confirmed that there was indeed an impasse. ZHDA said in a statement

We recognise the minister’s effort in creating a legal platform for the negotiation of our grievances. The subsequent meeting was, however, unfruitful. Our employer, as always, was trying to ignore our grievances, citing several technicalities which derail the necessary progress to resolve the impasse.

The employer went an extra mile to discuss the old grievances of other medical professions while dragging on the real issues at hand. We are shocked at the unwillingness of the employer to bring urgent solutions to the situation and rather play the ‘legal’ card.

It is our understanding that they may try to victimise the leaders of the current strike, citing the same reasons. We, however, remain motivated in our course and will wait for them to come to terms with reality and give the situation the urgency it deserves.

We are aware of the effort of some of the former (ZHDA) leaders to bring the political card so as to influence the government’s position. We reiterate that as ZHDA, we are and will remain apolitical. Our grievances are genuine and motivated by the ongoing situation in our field. We will not tolerate those nonsensical useless agendas.
We will continue with the industrial action until such a time when the employer decides to take the situation seriously. We urge our members to remain resolute and focused.


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Obadiah Moyo

Obadiah Moyo is the Minister of Health and Child Care. Moyo was also the former CEO of Chitungwiza Hospital. Read More About Obadiah Moyo

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