Ageing Water Pumps At Gwenhoro Dam To Blame For Gweru Water Woes – Town Clerk

The water challenges facing Gweru have been attributed to the ageing pumps at the City’s main supply dam, Gwenhoro. This was revealed by Gweru City town clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza during the 2019 budget consultative meeting held at Town House on Wednesday. She said

The pumps we are using at Gwenhoro water pump station were installed in 1957 and are therefore very old and need to be changed. So with the allocation from Government, we are going to purchase new pumps. However the pumps we want cost over $1 million meaning we won’t be able to purchase as many pumps as we would have wanted.

Our sewer system also needs a complete overhaul as we are currently discharging raw sewage at our farm. We used to discharge it in rivers and we were fined by EMA.


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Formerly Gwelo, Gweru is the capital of the Midlands Province and Zimbabwe's third largest city. It is the main import and export centre as well the most accessible industrial center that oversees markets through South Africa to the South and Mozambique to the east. Read More About Gweru


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2 comments on “Ageing Water Pumps At Gwenhoro Dam To Blame For Gweru Water Woes – Town Clerk

  1. Lets hope this MDC led council will not abuse the funds allocated by the government. Safe water should always be available to the residents.

  2. As far as I know , I was use to work at gwenhoro the old pumps are working very well. I think the government should also send a team there to see what is going on there.

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