Nothing Wrong With War Veterans’ Call To Raise Presidential Age Limit- Zanu-PF Youth League Boss

Speaking on Twitter, Zanu-PF Gutu South legislator. Pupurai Togarepi said there is nothing wrong with the motion moved by war veterans to have the ruling party use its majority in Parliament to raise the minimum age for presidential aspirants from the current 40 years to 52.

Togarepi who is also the leader of the Zanu-PF Youth League said the Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) is entitled to freedom of speech. He said the Youth League is guided by Zimbabwe’s Constitution regarding the age limit of presidential aspirants. He said if there is need for the age limit to be changed the issue will be decided in Parliament. Said Togarepi:

Freedom of speech is a right to every Zimbabwean and that include individuals or groups. As regards to the view of the Youth League to the proposed age limit for Presidential hopefuls the Constitution of Zimbabwe guides us.

I am sure you know who talked about age, upper and lower limits but these are reactions in politics. The Constitution has already provided for this issue. Should there be a real need for either of the views again political parties will decide in Parliament. So bhora pasi!!

I don’t see anything wrong in proposing a position regarding age limits unless war veterans are not entitled to their opinion. When some in the opposition suggested an upper limit it was accepted by some on this platform who are crying the loudest today. Hypocrisy isn’t it

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Pupurai Togarepi is a Zimbabwean politician and the Secretary for Youth Affairs in the Zanu-PF party. In December 2017 he replaced Kudzai Chipanga as the youth league boss. Pupurai Togarepi is also head of prudential services at Insurance and Pension Commission (IPEC)..Togarepi has vast knowledge... Read More About Pupurai Togarepi

The Constitution of Zimbabwe is the supreme law of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe's latest constitution was voted for and approved in a referendum of 16 March 2013. Before the current constitution, Zimbabwe used a constitution negotiated at the 1979 Lancaster House Agreement as Zimbabwe... Read More About Constitution of Zimbabwe

The Zanu PF Youth League is a wing of the party for people less than 40 years of age. Read More About Zanu-PF Youth League

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