Police In Bulawayo Block “King Mzilikazi II Enrobing Ceremony”

The Mthwakazi movement was set to hold a meeting with its ‘King’ at White City hall in Bulawayo but the event has been blocked by the Zimbabwe Republic Police. There have been moves from certain quarters in Matabeleland to revive the defunct Ndebele State which ceased to exist in 1893 when its last King, Lobengula was killed by white colonialists.

There have been too many claimants to the Ndebele ‘crown’ in recent years but the government has not entertained such moves arguing that the Constitution of Zimbabwe does not recognise a king. Below is  a statement released by the “Royal House’ regarding the cancellation of the event

It is with deep regret that we announce the cancellation of the enrobing ceremony of His Royal Majesty King Mzilikazi II that was earmarked for the 8th December 2018 at White City Arena.

The Zimbabwean Police refused to sanction the meeting on the basis that;

1. The function/event is illegal since a King is not covered in the Constitution of Zimbabwe or in the Traditional Leaders Act.

2. There are other rivalry groups also claiming the same Kingship who might try to disturb the event.

3. There are political parties who are threatening to demonstrate against the government who might hijack the function for their own political mileage.
4. The police will be overwhelmed during the time as they would have deployed for school closing and festive season operations.

5. The cholera epidemic has not completely left us and it will be calumnious to hold an event of such magnitude [10 000 people].

It is indeed a concern that the Government of Zimbabwe continues to stifle our religious and traditional freedoms of expression and assembly.

As a people of Matabeleland/Mthwakazi, we view the actions of the Government as a serious, gross human rights violation on the people of Matabeleland. It is also a gross contempt of the Zimbabwean constitution. The Zimbabwean constitution is very clear on the freedoms of the people in relation to the freedom of their religions, assembly, association etc.

In spite of the above, we wish to inform the people of Matabeleland that their King is not disturbed at all by the barbaric actions of the Police. He is raring. We will continue engaging the so-called authorities to ensure that we exercise our freedoms of expression, religion and assembly.

From HRM King Mzilikazi II’s Department of Information and publicity

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Mzilikazi Khumalo was the founder of the Matabele kingdom in Zimbabwe. He was the son of Matshobana, who is known for being a great military leader. Mzilikazi grew in his Zwide's household. Zwide was his grandfather. Zwide murdered Chief Mashobane and Mzilikazi was installed as... Read More About King Mzilikazi

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Mthwakazi is the traditional name of the original-Ndebele and Ndebele kingdom which existed in Zimbabwe until the end of the 19th century. Mthwakazi is also used to refer to inhabitants of Matabeleland and Midlands provinces in Zimbabwe. Read More About Mthwakazi

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  1. Ponziano Reply

    If the constitution does not recognize Kings, then The Mthwakazi movement should simply recognize the constitution.

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