Chamisa Demonstrations Show That People Are Poor And Have Nothing: Oppah Muchinguri

ZANU PF national chairperson and Defence Minister Oppah Zvipange Muchinguri-Kashiri said that the people who marched during the MDC-led demonstrations last Thursday are poor. She said that if people owned something, they would not be easily persuaded to get into the streets. Addressing Zanu-PF leaders drawn from across Masvingo during a provincial inter-district conference held at Masvingo Polytechnic College, Muchinguri said

The demonstrations led by Chamisa that have been taking place are a sign of poverty, if those people were masters of their own destiny and self-sufficient they would not be easily fooled to go into the streets, they will actually be in a position to pay those who want to coax them to demonstrate. Some people are easily misled to go into the streets because they have nothing.


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  1. Anonymous Reply

    are you dumb woman, unotopenga oppa, why is it that they dont have anything or wasnt that part of the reaason why they marched because hapana chekubata, mabasa acho hapana futi

  2. Niyehluleka Reply

    Point of correction my defence minister, that mass of people is sick n tired of of empty promises

  3. anonymous Reply

    anonymous:This is sad,how can a senior member laugh at the people like that? Who is living a good life in zw if its not corruption? Corruption is something that is shortlived. Our source is God and not zpf. Nothing meaningful everywhere in zw is good at the moment and such cheap talk is regrettable +insulting. Nobody likes poverty.

  4. Seer Reply

    To think that you are married to a Man of God I pray you dont kill your husband just as you have killed a lot of innocent people whose blood is still wet in your hands. You are a disgrace Oppa to the women of Zimbabwe. A true confirmed ED and Chiwenga devils sister. Your turn is coming soonner than you think.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    mai ava iduzvuman obvious people are poor because of zanu pf thats why they are demostrating

  6. Marikos Reply

    So what are they governing for? Arrogant idiots. Taking people for granted.

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