Tatenda Taibu Set To Return To Professional Cricket

Tatenda Taibu is set to return to professional cricket after he signed up to play for Baduraliya Sports Club in Sri Lanka.

Taibu last played competitive cricket back in 2016, when he used to work as player and coach for Hightown St Mary’s CC, a club in the UK. Taibu, who retired from international cricket in 2012, currently lives in the UK. He revealed that his son motivated him to get back in cricket again. Said Taibu:

I have said many times that my life is not guided by emotion or well-set plans, but I believe I am led by a voice inside my heart which I cannot ignore. My son Tatenda jnr also often asks how I used to play, now that he has taken a liking to the sport.  He didn’t really get the chance to see me as he was too young at the time. I have stayed extremely fit and healthy and feel I’m still one of the fittest cricketers around, so I thought maybe I can let him see for himself how I can perform.

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Tatenda Taibu

Tatenda Taibu is a former Zimbabwe national cricket team player and first black captain as well as the youngest captain in the history of the game. In May 2016 he was selected to be a convenor for the Zimbabwe cricket team. Read More About Tatenda Taibu

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