UPDATED: Man Wants Govt To Stop Paying MDC MPs Because Mnangagwa Is illegitimate

Mr Justice Dzingirayi who identified himself in court papers as an MDC A member, has filed an application at the High Court seeking an order suspending payment of allowances, salaries (if any) and even advancement of vehicle loans to the MDC parliamentarians pending determination of the opposition party’s appeal at the African Court.

In the court application, Mr Dzingirayi argued that the current Government was illegitimate and that the MDC legislators should not receive money from it. He cited the MDC-A, all its parliamentarians, party leader Mr Nelson Chamisa, Clerk of Parliament and the Minister of Finance and Economic Development as respondents. Dzingirayi described the allowances being received by the MDC A members as “bribes” saying the Government should stop paying them out. Part of Dzingirayi’s application reads:

It is therefore in the interests of my democratic choice that the 112th and 113th respondents (Finance Minister and Clerk of Parliament) be interdicted from paying my money or allowance, whether through a salary or loan or any other form, to my elected representatives as they represent an illegitimate government. Until such a time as constitutionalism is resorted, my representatives’ just dues should remain in the hands of the Government. In all circumstances, this money is being paid as a way to bribe my representatives into selling out on my legitimate choice, and eventually buy them to say that the Government is legitimate. It is not. These bribes must stop. They work to undermine my right to political choice, in that they are paid to subvert the result of my vote in that people that I voted for will be swayed to support Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s illegitimate regime.

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    my brother Dzingirai, MPs are not paid by a party but state. A party subscribes to the ethics of the state.

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