Low Power Voltage At Gwenhoro Dam Water Pumps Blamed For Gweru Water Crisis

The city of Gweru has continued to experience water challenges as some suburbs have gone for several days without running water. The water woes are being blamed on the low voltage electricity at the pumps station. This has reportedly limited the pumping capacity. Reports indicate that the city is able to provide just over 50% of the water required. Gweru Town Clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza said

All our residents and stakeholders in Gweru, our city council is experiencing pumping capacity challenges at Gwenhoro treatment plant. We normally have five water pumps running, but due to the low voltage of electricity, we are only using two pumps.

Zesa is working flat out to identify the cause of the fault in the line. In light of this, we are not able to produce the usual 43-45 megalitres per day which have been drastically reduced to around 25 megalitres per day.


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Formerly Gwelo, Gweru is the capital of the Midlands Province and Zimbabwe's third largest city. It is the main import and export centre as well the most accessible industrial center that oversees markets through South Africa to the South and Mozambique to the east. Read More About Gweru

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority Holdings is the country's biggest power producer and regulating company. It operates under the Ministry and Energy and Power Development and it runs a number of subsidiary companies with various specialities in power regulation and communications. Read More About Zesa

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