Mugabe’s Friend Nicholas van Hoogstraten’s £40 Million Palace Remains In Ruins

Businessman Nicholas van Hoogstraten’s £40 million Hamilton Palace property remains dilapidated two years after he criticised locals who complained about its condition.

Hoogstraten has been building the £40 million palace, replete with golden-domed mausoleum, near Uckfield in East Sussex, since 1985. When locals complained the businessman had left it to rot two years ago Hoogstraten said:

Even the most moronic of peasants would be able to see… that we have been busy landscaping the grounds of the Palace so as to prepare for scheduled works.

It has been two years since the last images were taken of the property and very little seems to have changed, with builders nowhere in sight. Scaffolding still adorns the main building, and smaller side builder near the lake and the main grounds look uncared for. Hoogstraten previously dismissed criticism that the building was falling into disrepair and said it would last for thousand of years. Hoogstraten also previously ruled out letting the building be used to house the local homeless community.

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Nicholas van hoogstraten

Nicholas van Hoogstraten is a British businessman and real estate magnate whose business interests include Zimbabwe. Van Hoogstraten is known for his business empire as well as his controversial life story: in 1968, he was convicted and sent to prison for paying a gang to... Read More About Nicholas van hoogstraten


  1. godfrey chikowore Reply

    Assets have to be put to good use by disposing to prospective users.

  2. Thembakamtshalwane Reply

    An interesting character. He was the sanctions buster for I.D.Smith during the struggle. Went on to become close friend and sanctions buster for R.G.Mugabe.

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