Law Society Blasts Chief Justice Malaba For Advocating Denying Bail To Suspects In Corruption-Related Cases

The Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) has criticised Chief Justice Luke Malaba’s comments urging magistrates to deny bail to suspects in corruption-related cases.

Malaba made the remarks on November 16 while addressing 46 magistrates from the Special Anti-Corruption Courts. In a statement released on Wednesday, LSZ said Malaba appeared to advocate for “a blanket approach to all matters.” Part of the statement reads:

It is unfortunate, the remarks by the Chief Justice, while placing emphasis on the need to have a functional criminal justice system, may be perceived to be advocating for a blanket approach to all matters of corruption and in extreme cases propping up such weak cases because of their nature. The statement, taken out of its proper context, is unsettling and has been misconstrued to be an invitation to the judiciary to descend into the arena.

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