Harare Pastor Urges Mnangagwa To Emulate Jim Kunaka And ‘Repent’

A Harare preacher, Bishop Ancelimo Magaya, has called upon President Emmerson Mnangagwa to follow the example of Jim Kunaka and repent. Jim Kunaka is a former ZANU PF youth leader who was expelled from the party in 2014 for allegedly belonging to the ‘Gamatox’ faction led by Joyce Mujuru. He appeared before the Motlanthe Commission last week where he confessed the brutal violence he used to unleash on opposition activists. Magaya is urging Mnangagwa to do the same for the sake of national healing and reconciliation. Mgaya had this to say

Kunaka set the bar quite high for his erstwhile colleagues in the former party by clearly telling the nation that he regrets his involvement in cruel and dastardly acts in which violence was unleashed on civilians.

We urge the President to emulate the once junior member of his party… Kunaka’s recent admissions at the Commission of Inquiry over his dark past while in Zanu PF need to be applauded.

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It is impossible in the matrix of healing and forgiveness to expect hurting people and communities to suddenly forgive, forget and heal when the perpetrators of the violence deny involvement.

Those involved in the abductions and isolated murders must, if they are keen on forgiveness and healing the nation, confess publicly their roles in these dark chapters like what Kunaka has just done… The Psalmist says that the sacrifice acceptable to God is a broken and contrite heart.


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One Comment on “Harare Pastor Urges Mnangagwa To Emulate Jim Kunaka And ‘Repent’

  1. Zimbabwe, Africa likewise in a majority of cases has been tragically recolonized now not by Europe as normally conceived but paradoxically by Africans, Blacks colononizing their Black Fellowmen certainly with iron fisted grip. How does this emerge? The unbroken connection between the army, state and party (sometimes business moguls) founded on possessiveness and the unbriddled arrogance and believe that it is them who fought the liberation and Our Almighty Lord the God of Abraham was not in it makes them gods unto themselves, born to rule and rule until donkeys grow horns,,,everyone else is a sellout…only them are sacred cows the blessed and the only true rulers.

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