Fuel Stations Supplying Black Market- Bulawayo Provincial Affairs Minister of State

Speaking at a gathering organised by the Zimbabwe West Union Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Bulawayo Provincial Affairs Minister of State, Judith Ncube said fuel stations are supplying the black market.

The gathering was attended by business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals. She was responding to a concern by participants on why Government keeps threatening to withdraw licences from businesses. Said Ncube:

The answer is simple.We have been going around the city, just to determine on why and what is happening around us as a community. For instance the fuel dealers receive deliveries but they tell motorists that they do not have any supplies. In the middle of the night, ngama 12 or so, you find there are several trucks that come to the same garages to siphon fuel and they sell it at black market.

She said this was discovered by the recently established taskforce, which was set up to monitor distribution of basic commodities in Bulawayo. Although she not disclose the names of the fuel stations she warned that Government will revoke licences for those doing that.

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