Jim Kunaka Implicates ZANU PF, Military In Post-election Violence Since 2008

Former ZANU PF youth official and alleged leader of ZANU PF terror group Chipangano, Jim Kunaka implicated his former party and state security agencies in unleashing violence and terror on members of the opposition. The terror campaigns allegedly date back as far as the 2008 election, considered to be Zimbabwe’s bloodiest election since the turn of the millennium. Kunaka was reportedly fired from ZANU PF for being aligned to the Joyce Mujuru faction which was accused of attempting to remove the then President, Robert Mugabe. Speaking yesterday before the Motlanthe Commission in Harare yesterday, Kunaka said

There is a meeting that took place in the Zanu PF headquarters basement. Zanu PF had lost elections in 2008, we were called, especially me by the military personnel and I was told that Zimbabwe will not have a power transfer through a pen and ballot paper. I was told to go and defend the revolution, I was told to do anything and you know what I did.

I am saying this so that you know where these issues of violence are coming from. If you refuse to toe the Zanu PF line they will deal with you … The noise that happened in town was sponsored by Zanu PF because they knew they had been defeated in the past elections so they sat down and planned the violence to justify bringing in the military and blame it on the opposition. We used to do this when I was in the party.


Live stream: Japa Japa, Jim Kunaka Appear Before Motlanthe Commission

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  1. Whole issue looks shambled and sounds sad, how Africans underdevelop Africa ….Zimbabwe remains in the past never in the present or future and that mode is quite devastatingly destructive.

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