Nurses Demand That Govt Clarify The Issue Of Bonuses

The nurses are demanding that the government comes out clean regarding the issue of their bonuses. Nurses got their November salaries without bonuses, something which took them by surprise. Traditionally the government gives its workforce the 13th cheque in the month of November.

Zimbabwe Nurses’ Association (ZINA) secretary general Enock Dongo said the government must honour the bonus commitment to civil servants.

We were told that the bonus is our right and, considering the hard work that nurses are doing, the government should really appreciate and pay our 2018 bonus without any compromise.

We want our bonuses without any compromise; no funnies. Government should look for money to pay our bonuses timeously; preferably this year.


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2 comments on “Nurses Demand That Govt Clarify The Issue Of Bonuses

  1. The minister of finance is about to present his budget soon im hopeful he will clarify on the issue of the bonuses of civil servants but i think he should address and solve the pricing policies of basic commodities and services first before the bonus issue.

  2. There will be NO nurse bonuses this year. This is because their performance towards patients is below the standard. Therefore, all their supposed bonus will go torwards buying cctv cameras as they can not work effectively on their own. They need cctvs on their backs for them to work up to the standard.

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