MDC Youth Leader Warns State Security Agents On Attempts To Arrest Chamisa

MDC Alliance youth wing leader Happymore Chidziva says that if the government arrests MDC president Nelson Chamisa, they will make the country ungovernable. He said that the MDC youth are ready to engage in peaceful demonstrations against President Mnangagwa’s government. While addressing party youth at the MDC offices in Gweru, Chidziva said arresting Chamisa will be ‘the biggest mistake’. He said

We hear that some State security officers are planning to arrest Chamisa. That is the biggest mistake they can ever make. Let me just warn the people with such a plan. The Constitution allows us to demonstrate against any wrongdoing. Accordingly, we will exercise that right to ensure that we shut down Zimbabwe with peaceful protests in all the parts of the country.

President Mnangagwa stole the election from Chamisa. After that, his State security agents lately have been trailing him with an aim to abduct. Then after that, they say they now want to arrest him. No, that will not be allowed to happen. If they arrest Chamisa, he will not walk three steps handcuffed before the country is plunged into unrest.

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  1. nicholas duma Reply

    It just an intimidation of the ruling part, MDC is a big party which ED and Zanu-pf fears.

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