Heavier Rainfall Expected From Friday- Met Department

Meteorological Services Department (MSD) senior forecaster Mrs Linia Mashawi yesterday said heavier rainfall is expected over the weekend starting with the southern provinces.

Mashawi said there has been no rainfall because of dry air in the middle levels of the atmosphere. Said Mashawi:

There is no meaningful rains received anywhere across the country to date for people to start planting because of dry air in the middle levels of the atmosphere, which is sitting over Zimbabwe, reducing the chances of rain-bearing clouds countrywide. During this time of the year, cloud bands which normally traverse the country from Botswana have been very weak or none at all. However, there are atmospheric physical systems or processes that support moisture which are expected to affect the country.

She said by Thursday evening, much of the country should be cloudy, humid and hot. She said heavier rainfall is expected on Friday into weekend starting with parts of Matabeleland South, southern districts of the Midlands, Masvingo and southern districts of Manicaland provinces moving northwards during the weekend.

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