Chamisa Agrees To Appear Before Motlanthe Commission, Sets Conditions

MDC president Nelson Chamisa has agreed to appear before the Commission of Inquiry into the August 1 shootings in which at least six civilians were allegedly shot and killed by soldiers. On November 14 the Commission invited Chamisa to give his testimony of the events since he was cited as one of the instigators of the violence.

Chamisa initially refused to the call, arguing that the Commission should rather invite Mnangagwa and Chiwenga first since in his view they were the ones who deployed the soldiers into the streets. He is set to give his testimony to the Commission this week. In a letter to the Motlanthe Commission dated November 16, Chamisa wrote

I note, in particular, that the basis of the invitation appears to emanate from the testimony and allegations made by a witness to the effect that I incited violence. I consider the allegation to be malicious. Since my response to this contrived allegation is required, I consider it ‘fair and just’ that I should be afforded all the relevant information relating to the allegations so as to enable me to prepare adequately.

I kindly, therefore, ask the Commission to favour me with the full transcript of the relevant part of the testimony; to better understand the nature, circumstances, scope and credibility of the allegations made against me. This would enable me to form an informed opinion regarding the invitation.

Further, and in the interest of due process and my natural and constitutional rights, would I stand assured that an opportunity to cross-examine the witness who ‘mentioned (my name) as among those who played a part in inciting the violence of 1 August 2018’ will be availed, since the sole basis of my invitation is his, her, or their testimony.

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