Zanu-PF Youths Under Instruction To Confiscate Overpriced Goods

Zanu-PF national youth league boss Pupurai Togarepi said the party’s youths are under an instruction to confiscate all overpriced goods.

Togarepi said the people who are overpricing goods are undermining the leadership of Mnangagwa. Said Togarepi:

Our youth are under an instruction to confiscate all overpriced goods because there is no justification whatsoever on why that should be done. How can we make progress when other people are pulling in opposite directions? A 2 litres bottle of cooking oil should not be above $4 but now we see it in shelves of many shops going for $10. Our youth will go and pay the shop owner the normal price and take away the whole lot because it is insane.

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Youth LeaguePupurai Togarepi

The Zanu PF Youth League is a wing of the party for people less than 40 years of age. Read More About Youth League

Pupurai Togarepi is a Zimbabwean politician and the Secretary for Youth Affairs in the Zanu-PF party. In December 2017 he replaced Kudzai Chipanga as the youth league boss. Pupurai Togarepi is also head of prudential services at Insurance and Pension Commission (IPEC)..Togarepi has vast knowledge... Read More About Pupurai Togarepi

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  1. Rungiro Reply

    Why should only ZANU PF youths do that, if they can do that then everyone must instructed to just pay the recommended price. What I know is they will get it without even paying a cent and sell it for $10 themselves.

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