Mnangagwa Rebukes Private Media For Negative Reports

Writing in his weekly column published by this paper and The Sunday Mail, President Mnangagwa rebuked private media for negative reporting.

He urged private media to focus on his Government’s success stories. He said the negative stories have an impact on Government efforts to resuscitate the economy and lure investors. Mnangagwa urged the media to report both on the negative and positive and not on the negative only. Below is an extract of Mnangagwa’s opinion piece:

I concede that pessimism is a human mood, and one often understandable in a given set of circumstances or against a certain history. I concede, too, that the role of the opposition is to criticise. But not just to criticise and to be negative for the sake of it. Not with so many recovery “shoots” sprouting, some of which are fast maturing into sprite and promising saplings.

All this has left me wondering why all this negativity, more so when most of those who bad mouth and “write down” the country do so from here, are educated enough to read our hopeful and ever improving circumstances, and live and belong here as nationals and citizens.

They know and see the above facts and figures, all of which are in the public domain, and which continue to motivate many foreign investors who now patronise our country.

Surely these facts and figures cannot be invisible to the opposition, to our newsmen and women, and in our newsrooms? So why this unremitting negativism?

There is more to this negativism than just opposition politics and sceptical journalism.

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  1. Zvorwadza Reply

    You cannot see the positives if life for grassroots pple is becoming impossible. commodity prices are sky rocketing, money is scarce, means for making it is vanguished. only the affluent can see the positive

  2. wejazi Reply

    Very good Mr President. You should tell the state media exactly the same thing. The rest will follow. Ko anoti the army didn’t kill yet the whole world was watching the gruesome murder of civilians in broad day light live on TV.

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