Chamisa Apologises After Saying Those Who Demonstrated On August 1 Were Stupid

In a tweet, MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa apologised after he said those who demonstrated in the streets of Harare on August 1 were stupid.

Chamisa said he used words that regrettably created the wrong impression. Said Chamisa:

My remarks to condemn those who killed or injured the innocent,burnt cars & destroyed property on 1 August used ‘words’ that regrettably created the wrong impression. The people have a constitutional right to demonstrate peacefully. Any discomfort caused is sincerely regretted.

In his address at Morgan Tsvangirai House on Thursday, Chamisa said it was stupid for those who took to the streets as they opened themselves up for abuse and attacks from uniformed forces. Said Chamisa:

It was very stupid for people who demonstrated, to demonstrate for the results to be released, it was stupid because they then opened themselves for attacks and for manipulation. I think whoever demonstrated have their right but it was not called for and that’s my view. I’m not insulting them but I have a right just like any other because it was premature, it was unstrategic and opened them to be manipulated by the enemies of the people, and the enemies of peace, the merchants of violence, the archbishops of violence.

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