Chamisa Says Those Who Demonstrated On August 1 Were Stupid

MDC president Nelson Chamisa said those who demonstrated in the streets of Harare on August 1 were stupid. He said this while addressing the media at Harvest House today. Chamisa said it is improbable that he would incite people to go into the streets while he was still waiting for the results. He said this apparently distancing himself from allegations that he incited violence on August 1 which led to the shooting of at least 6 people after soldiers were called in to restore order. Chamisa has since been summoned by the Motlanthe Commission to appear before it next week on Wednesday. He said

I actually did not know about the first of August event. I only heard about it from some other person who called me, and I will mention the name of the person at the appropriate time.
MDC does not organise those tiny little ad hoc demonstrations. We are not an ad hoc party We are not a rat organisation we are an elephant organisation. When we organise things we organise elephant things, not these funny things that they say we did. Whoever organised those demonstrations was stupid. How can you demonstrate against a result that you have not yet seen?


  1. Marko Reply

    We know Chamisa very well .Chamisa will never utter such words .Although l also.agree with him.that he never send people to demontrate.I was one of the people who was on the street that day .no one send us .we went there alone to try and defend our vote.we knew very well that Garwe like mugabe will steal our vote.

  2. diesel Reply

    azvitaura marko y deffend ndomutsigira zvekt bt pakuzoti stupid vanhu vaiedza kudzivirira vote yavo ndapokana napo anofanira kkumbira ruregerero

  3. sammy Reply

    Shame Chamisa as a leader needs to protect his followers but now he lashez at them, gullable pple who agree with him above accept him calling them stupidz , iif it was not for the his stupid stance some people would be alive , he is a devill, people dead and some beleiived what he had twitted and to later called stupids now in their grave, he should show remorse

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